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This Month in Haulage Report Now

Weighbridge4WEIGHBRIDGES: FUNCTIONALITY AND ACCURACY (PART ONE): The cement delivery to the firm usually comes in 30ton (approximate) bulk cement tankers. The findings they made in the first week of operation of the new team were shocking to say the least. In a random check of about five (5) bulk cement tankers waiting in line to weigh-in to make deliveries, the following astonishing discoveries were made….


Weighbridge3WEIGHBRIDGES: FUNCTIONALITY AND ACCURACY (PART TWO): Whether weight, or volume calculated from a weight measure, is used as a basis for payment, the accuracy and integrity of a weighing system is critical to both the buyer and seller. If the weighbridge system records payload weights that are too high, the buyer will be paying for products that he/she is not receiving.

Sharing road with truck1REASONS WHY HUGE TRUCKS ‘BEHAVE’ DIFFERENTLY FROM YOUR CAR: We read and see on television news of horrendous truck crashes where the truck’s brakes failed or its overloaded cargo shifted, or the driver was texting or fell asleep. But many studies have shown that trucks and truck drivers are not always at fault.Cutting off a truck is a sure recipe for disaster. Even if you think your car can “stop on a dime,” a fully-loaded tractor trailer or semi-truck takes almost the length of two football fields to come to a full stop.


Truck Accident3TRICKS AND TIPS FOR SHARING ROAD SAFELY WITH HAULAGE TRUCKS: You’re in command of a 10 ton missile at 100 km/hr; he’s in command of a 100 ton missile! The end result of any form of collision, be it head-on, rear-end or road departure won’t be pretty. Think smart, drive smart and stay safe always.




Last Month in Haulage Report Now


Act on ClimateAMERICAN TRUCKING INDUSTRY RECEIVES PRESIDENTIAL ORDER FOR IMPROVED FUEL EFFICIENCY: Using an executive order, Obama will direct the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation to develop new rules for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by March 2016. The standards would cover vehicles weighing more than 8,500 pounds.

Backloads4BACKLOADING: GOOD OR BAD?  (PART ONE):In our operating environment, the mere mention of backload sends an average haulage practitioner into some sort of frenzy. Most have come to see backloading as a vice driven by the greed of unscrupulous drivers….




backloads7BACKLOADING: GOOD OR BAD? (PART TWO): Backloading helps to utilise spare capacity. This is achieved by finding loads that need to be moved between similar areas as the two points planned for the returning vehicle. These loads could be returns of your own goods or products from your customer or a third party. What matters is that unproductive journeys are minimised and income is maximized….


Backloads3BACKLOADING: GOOD OR BAD? (PART THREE): Within the context of Nigeria, several yet untapped opportunities abound for any company interested in finding backloads for empty or partially laden return journeys. Operators can maximise the utilisation of returning vehicles by developing or becoming part of a business partnership that shares knowledge of load and vehicle locations, thus enabling them to be matched….


Truck and TyreUNDERSTANDING TRUCK AND TRAILER TYRES (PART ONE):11R22.5G… …..11R24.5… ….12.00R20… .385/65R22.5..?? Vehicle tyres are much more complex now than in years past. In response to the widely diverse requirements of vehicles today, tyres need to conform to certain specifications. These specifications include size, load and speed, and they must physically fit on the intended vehicle…


tyre image1UNDERSTANDING TRUCK AND TRAILER TYRES (PART TWO): Under-inflation is the number one cause of trailer tyre failure. Low inflation pressure elevates tread temperature, especially as speed increases. A tyre can lose up to half of its air pressure and not appear to be flat. Check inflation with a quality tyre gauge. Also, trailer tyres can be worn beyond use although they may appear to have adequate tread. This is because trailer tyres support a lot of weight, even when not in use…



Headlines in January! 

Petrol Tanker AccidentsFOUR DAYS, FOUR PETROL TANKER DISASTERS: BERGER SUYA INCIDENT IN RETROSPECT: 8th of January 2014 was another day of heartwrenching destruction of lives and properties; a day many would live to remember for a very long time to come. Carnage of unimaginable proportion, offering a classic semblance of hell-on-earth was yet again unleashed on hapless citizens of Lagos…



Contract AgreementHAULAGE CONTRACTS (PART ONE): Haulage contracts could be the best thing that can happen to a haulage firm especially when it comes to major clients that seek to work with firms in the medium to long term. This is why it is imperative that all documents, from brief one-off delivery contracts to long-term heavy haulage contracts, are written up flawlessly….



ContractHAULAGE CONTRACTS (PART TWO): It must be borne in mind that contracts are only set in stone once both parties agree to the terms involved. Everything is subject to change until that happens. It is important that both parties present documents as it is, listen well to request for a modification of any part, make counteroffers or concessions as may be deemed necessary, but never pretend that terms and conditions are cast in stone!..


Automotive Import TariffTHE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY POLICY AND THE NEW IMPORT TARIFF: A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT (PART ONE): On Wednesday 2nd of October 2013, the Federal Government made public the new automotive policy and set October 3, 2013 as the deadline for the establishment of ‘Form M’ to import under the current tariff regime until February 28, 2014..The first wave of reactions came from the expected quarters (legatees of the Old Order) although with a novel twist to it…


Import TaxTHE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY POLICY AND THE NEW IMPORT TARIFF: A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT (PART FOUR): …we also must not fail to acknowledge the fact that the state of our infrastructure and requisite operating-cum-policy environment have never been that conducive for any profit-oriented business to see the option of establishing assembly plants in-country as a feasible alternative. However, one fact that has been established from the above argument is that the assembly/production plants will not happen in the short to medium term and neither will the envisaged employment boom occur at the snap of the finger….



Trucker’s Wild Experience Series

Anger ManagementEPISODE FIVE- TRUCKER’S WILD EXPERIENCE: ANGER MANAGEMENT- TRUCKER & HIS MOTOR BOY: ..An argument ensued. Gradually it became a shouting match. In no time, fingers were being poked at each other’s face. Around this time, the journey had progressed to Sagamu just a little after the Total Filling Station beside the road leading into Sagamu Town…Suddenly, a chap smack on the face that sounded like a plank being smashed on a dry pavement echoed in the cabin…


Ijebu-Itele AccidentEPISODE FOUR- TRUCKER’S WILD EXPERIENCE: ‘TROUBLE SLEEP, YANGA WAKE AM UP’ ALONG SAGAMU-BENIN HIGHWAY @ IJEBU-ITELE: And so he stopped and parked on the road shoulder which could barely contain the width of his trailer. A decision he was going to regret for a long time to come! He was just a few meters from where the friend in distress parked his truck when he heard shouts that were hardly coherent simultaneously followed by sound of screeching tyres terminating in a loud crunching of metals!…


Ollo AccidentEPISODE THREE- TRUCKER’S WILD EXPERIENCE: FLYING WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION AT OLLO, OYO-OGBOMOSO ROAD: The welded steel brace holding the fabricated left rear diesel-tank gave suddenly and the rectangular tank was sent flying in the air. With the combined speed at which the truck was moving and that of the wind, the flying empty tank automatically became a lethal weapon of mass destruction with force high enough to send a 3.5ton vehicle out of the road and into the ditch some 250meters away from the point of initial contact!..


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