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This Month in Haulage Report Now

telematics6DEPLOYING FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: NIGERIAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN PERSPECTIVE (PART ONE): “…In Nigeria, a huge gap still exist in the provision of professional and flexible fleet management solution, stolen vehicle recovery and appropriate response to stickup operations by armed felons. A logistic company with its eyes set on achieving the objective of increased revenues and productivity will no doubt see the wisdom in embracing the implementation of fleet management technology that drastically reduces fleet expenditure, enhances fuel management, improve transit time, ….”

telematics5DEPLOYING FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: NIGERIAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN PERSPECTIVE (PART TWO): “…In view of the level of development of our communication backbone which is not yet at per with what obtains in the economies from where most of these packages originally come from, it is of uppermost importance that critical questions be asked about the options available for data capture, logging and access and what happens when any or all of these options fail as they are wont to once in a while. Does the proposed system have any, all or a combination of GPS, GPRS or RF options for data capture and logging? A good system, perhaps because of our peculiar situation, will most likely have ALL the above options integrated into the package…”

Fleet Management System Vs Vehicle Tracking SystemFLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS AND VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM: ANY DIFFERENCE?: “..There are already lots of fleet management solutions in the market and in fact, most of the companies with big trucks do have the tracking devices installed and are able to track the locations of their vehicles. The sad reality is that most of the solutions marketed as “fleet management systems” are actually vehicle tracking systems with a little bit of added functionality in them…”

Telematics1UNDERSTANDING FLEET TELEMATICS: “….The use of telematics is still at a developing stage in Nigeria…..The insurance companies in particular have been at the forefront of driving the rate of penetration by making vehicle tracking an adjunct part of the bundle package for comprehensive coverage on mobile assets principally with a view to minimizing premium payment overload on the insuring public and arresting the contentious areas usually associated with claims settlement….”

ramadan mubarak4SAFETY TIPS FOR TRUCK DRIVERS DURING RAMADAN: “…Although Ramadan offers believers spiritual elevation and health benefits, but fasting also does have physical effects on the human body, particularly where Ramadan coincides with the height of extreme weather which could impact adversely on driving ability…On a sunny day for instance, it can easily lead to dehydration and fatigue. Fasting can cause temporary low blood sugar which will drastically affect the attentiveness…”


HRN-Ramadan-Background1.pngRAMADAN AND TRUCKING: “…It’s Ramadan season again and what an exciting time it portends for the haulage industry, truck drivers, trucking companies and users of haulage services. While many will see it as an opportunity to once again renew their allegiance to a faithful Allah (SWT) whose mercies and kindness have greatly been the bedrock of their survival thus far, not a few will also see it as a challenging time for their business most especially when the rigor of running a thriving haulage firm is placed alongside the fundamental routines or requirements attached to the observation of Ramadan such as fasting, prayer time and breaking of fast..”

ramadan mubarak3RAMADAN: THE TRUCK DRIVER AND THE WISDOM BEHIND FASTING (PART ONE): “…If there is any group of professionals that should covet the wisdom behind the Ramadan Fasting the most, then the truck drivers amply qualify! Experts have averred that Ramadan is one of the best times to improve driving culture and learn defensive techniques. Ramadan offers the message of compassion and exchange of goodwill and what better place than on the road to show these virtues. It could help save so many lives and there is no better thing than saving a life. There is wisdom behind every act in Islam, no matter how big or small..”

ramadan mubarak2RAMADAN: THE TRUCK DRIVER AND THE WISDOM BEHIND FASTING (PART TWO): “…Truck driving is one of the most technically and physically demanding jobs in the world. It is not a job for the faint-hearted. It is highly demanding, tough, tasking and tortuous. It is in this regard that the benefit of fasting in conditioning the heart, the soul, and the body on the virtues of patience, tenacity, and firmness in the face of adversity, comes in very handy. Patience is the pinnacle of self-mastery, discipline and spiritual agility. Patience is to turn the phrase “I can’t” into “I can.” It is to say the difficult is easy…”

FRSC RSRTT2FRSC’S RSRTT POLICYGUIDELINES/ REQUIREMENTS (PART TWO): “…Road Safety Registration for Tankers and tractor-Trailers (RSRTT) series. All applicants for Articulated Lorries (Tankers/Trailers) Operators must be incorporated and must have insurance and legal process documents before authorization is issued by FRSC…”


Last Month in Haulage Report Now

Parking Lot crashes3PARKING LOT & BACKING COLLISIONS (PART ONE): MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK! – “….A couple of years back, somewhere within the Apapa axis of Lagos, a petroleum tanker while being backed up to properly position for a loading operation at a major petroleum tank farm knocked out a couple of loading apparatus. There was a spark and then a conflagration. The resultant destruction of lives and properties was monumental….”


Backing Collision involving a $295,000 Ferrari!

Backing Collision involving a $295,000 Ferrari!

PARKING LOT & BACKING COLLISIONS (PART TWO):THE ASSOCIATED COSTS & AVOIDANCE MEASURES: “…The Heavy Duty Trucks carry an average load of about 30-40 Tons. Medium Trucks carry loads of between 15-25 tons. It varies of course, but most medium truck fleets maximize cube space before they even come close to 25 tons. That said; 15 tons of cargo is still a significant amount of mass when it hits an object..”


When securement fail..

When securement fail..

SECUREMENT OF CARGO 1: Facts About Cargo Securement: “…These are very few in the depressingly high number of fatalities that have been traced to improperly latched or restrained cargoes falling off trucks. In fact, a conservative estimate have it that an average of 20 containers fall off trucks on a monthly basis in Lagos…”


cargo securement14SECUREMENT OF CARGO 2: Principle of Cargo Securement: “…This principle states that Cargo being transported on the highway must remain secured on or within the transporting vehicle under all conditions that could reasonably be expected to occur in normal driving and also when a driver is responding in all emergency situations, EXCEPT when there is a crash..”

Component of Cargo Securement SystemSECUREMENT OF CARGO 3: The Cargo Securement System: “…The Cargo to be secured must have sufficient structural integrity to withstand the forces of loading, securement, and transportation. The articles of cargo can be packaged articles, unitized articles, and articles stacked one on the other..”


TiedownSECUREMENT OF CARGO 4: Understanding Tiedown: “…A tiedown is a combination of securing devices that forms an assembly that attaches cargo to, or restrains cargo on a vehicle and is attached to anchor point(s). Some tiedowns are attached to the cargo and provide direct resistance to restrain the cargo from movement…”


FRSC RSRTTFRSC’S RSRTT POLICY GUIDELINES/REQUIREMENTS (PART ONE): “…Not too long ago, 1st of July 2010 to be specific, a comprehensive guideline and requirements for the registration and safe operation of articulated trucks (including tanker and trailers) was rolled out by the Federal Road Safety Corps of Nigeria….not a few were completely unaware of any policy in that mold.  And yet it has been business as usual for many haulage practitioners..”.

Safely Secured Container

Safely Secured Container

INTERMODAL CONTAINERS; THE SECUREMENT PROCEDURE: “…Secure each intermodal container to the container chassis with securement or integral locking devices that cannot accidentally become unfastened. Integral locking devices do not have to be adjustable. If necessary, secondary attachments can be used to ensure that latches remain fastened in transit..”.


End-result of poorly loaded Cargo

End-result of poorly loaded Cargo

STRATEGIES FOR SAFELY TRANSPORTING CARGO (PART ONE): “…Leaning heavily on the Best Standard Practices for transporting cargo as it obtains in many advanced countries of Europe and States of America where the fear of the law is the beginning of wisdom and where impunity and gross disregard for safety standards have been committed to the dustbin of history…”.

Strategies for safely transporting CargoSTRATEGIES FOR SAFELY TRANSPORTING CARGO (PART TWO): “…Dry bulk tanks require special care because they have a high center of gravity, and the load can shift. Be extremely cautious (slow and careful) going around curves and making sharp turns..”.



Past Issues in Haulage Report Now

Weighbridge4WEIGHBRIDGES: FUNCTIONALITY AND ACCURACY (PART ONE): The cement delivery to the firm usually comes in 30ton (approximate) bulk cement tankers. The findings they made in the first week of operation of the new team were shocking to say the least. In a random check of about five (5) bulk cement tankers waiting in line to weigh-in to make deliveries, the following astonishing discoveries were made….


Weighbridge3WEIGHBRIDGES: FUNCTIONALITY AND ACCURACY (PART TWO): Whether weight, or volume calculated from a weight measure, is used as a basis for payment, the accuracy and integrity of a weighing system is critical to both the buyer and seller. If the weighbridge system records payload weights that are too high, the buyer will be paying for products that he/she is not receiving.

Sharing road with truck1REASONS WHY HUGE TRUCKS ‘BEHAVE’ DIFFERENTLY FROM YOUR CAR: We read and see on television news of horrendous truck crashes where the truck’s brakes failed or its overloaded cargo shifted, or the driver was texting or fell asleep. But many studies have shown that trucks and truck drivers are not always at fault.Cutting off a truck is a sure recipe for disaster. Even if you think your car can “stop on a dime,” a fully-loaded tractor trailer or semi-truck takes almost the length of two football fields to come to a full stop.


Truck Accident3TRICKS AND TIPS FOR SHARING ROAD SAFELY WITH HAULAGE TRUCKS: You’re in command of a 10 ton missile at 100 km/hr; he’s in command of a 100 ton missile! The end result of any form of collision, be it head-on, rear-end or road departure won’t be pretty. Think smart, drive smart and stay safe always.




Trucker’s Wild Experience Series

Anger ManagementEPISODE FIVE- TRUCKER’S WILD EXPERIENCE: ANGER MANAGEMENT- TRUCKER & HIS MOTOR BOY: ..An argument ensued. Gradually it became a shouting match. In no time, fingers were being poked at each other’s face. Around this time, the journey had progressed to Sagamu just a little after the Total Filling Station beside the road leading into Sagamu Town…Suddenly, a chap smack on the face that sounded like a plank being smashed on a dry pavement echoed in the cabin…


Ijebu-Itele AccidentEPISODE FOUR- TRUCKER’S WILD EXPERIENCE: ‘TROUBLE SLEEP, YANGA WAKE AM UP’ ALONG SAGAMU-BENIN HIGHWAY @ IJEBU-ITELE: And so he stopped and parked on the road shoulder which could barely contain the width of his trailer. A decision he was going to regret for a long time to come! He was just a few meters from where the friend in distress parked his truck when he heard shouts that were hardly coherent simultaneously followed by sound of screeching tyres terminating in a loud crunching of metals!…


Ollo AccidentEPISODE THREE- TRUCKER’S WILD EXPERIENCE: FLYING WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION AT OLLO, OYO-OGBOMOSO ROAD: The welded steel brace holding the fabricated left rear diesel-tank gave suddenly and the rectangular tank was sent flying in the air. With the combined speed at which the truck was moving and that of the wind, the flying empty tank automatically became a lethal weapon of mass destruction with force high enough to send a 3.5ton vehicle out of the road and into the ditch some 250meters away from the point of initial contact!..


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Dealing With Fluid Leaks on Wheel!


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