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Haulage Report Now is the online industry-specific publication of HEIS Alliance Multi-Global Group, created with the vision of providing valuable, reliable, useable and transformational information relevant to the highly underserved haulage industry in Nigeria.

In Haulage Report Now, we appreciate and understand the volatility of the Industry and the extreme risk quotient for each and every investment in the sector. Through incisive reporting, critical insight and analysis and other essential information that drives the business of haulage in Nigeria, we plan to contribute our quota towards bringing this risk variable in its entire ramification down to a strategically manageable level. Haulage Report Now will provide the platform through which the uniqueness of each haulage practitioner will be distilled, ideas exchanged and generally acceptable best standards cascaded to all. We will create website rich with multimedia and interactive features which will offer users a place to learn, observe and discuss the critical issues specific to this industry and their individual jobs. We will seek for the news behind the News, explore in-depth features, carry out investigative reports and industry research with the sole aim of creating a formidable knowledge base that all can easily tap into for the good of the industry.

Some of our reporting will feature specialist how-to articles, while some others will be dedicated to news and report about latest products and innovations that have the capacity to further support our dream of witnessing the birth of a much more structured and organized economic subsector.

We will cover the haulage industry from top to bottom, targeting commercial, private or rental fleets; business owners, fleet operations managers, workshop and maintenance crew, drivers, financial and administrative officers. From a single-truck operator to fleet of several thousands of trucks, our searchlight shall be on all.

On this platform, we will provide a comprehensive and exclusive coverage for the haulage industry like never before. We will cover from the seemingly routine to the most technically demanding aspect of our business. We will spare no effort at drilling down to the basics in as much as there is something to be learnt. We will cover from the light but fundamental issues of maintenance of tyre pressure and managing regularity of servicing schedule to more demanding areas of asset replacement and vehicle-out-of-service loss aggregation and others.  Our coverage will not omit statutory requirements and regulatory updates affecting haulage and due reporting will be given to the changing expectations from the users of haulage services. Legal framework and reviews touching on the industry will also be succinctly covered.

Haulage Report Now is poised to change the face of haulage business through the provision of rich resources including practical and well researched information, case studies and expert opinions.

We must however be careful to state that achieving these lofty ideals will be an all-inclusive affair for as many of us that have the love of the industry at heart and are committed to creating a vibrant and robust environment well suited for our investments and stakes to flourish. Haulage Report Now will make a call on your expertise, know-how and experiences that have taken some of you years to amass. Our mission will therefore be to earn your trust and gain access to this rich repertoire of tested and proven knowledge! We desire to see companies succeed in this business, and the successful ones become even more successful. We desire to see more investments come into the system and issues of business failures and foreclosures becoming relics of the past. We desire to see the emergence of drivers with impeccable integrity, initiatives and intelligence and an even more committed, well trained and intelligent financial and administrative professionals all coming together to build a resilient and thriving industry. These are achievable goals and together we will make it happen.

We bid you all to take the time and read this online magazine as often as you can and likewise get as many of your people to read and learn and observe; leave critical comments regularly and put us in the know when great things are happening around your neighbourhood. We are open to every constructive comment and contribution; you are free to disagree, agree or give divergent positions to our take. We count it all for good of the business.

Today, we commence this tasking but very promising journey by serving you rich and exciting contents addressing the following topics:

  • Enhancing the performance of your haulage business (Part 1-4)
  • How to get your tyres to serve you more!
  • Fuel Management (Part 1 & 2)
  • Critical assessment of Replacement policy in haulage business (Part 1 & 2)
  • Preventive maintenance for your trucks (Part 1 & 2)

We bid you a warm welcome on board!


Thank you.


Haulage Report Now Crew