Health and Training

You may at this time of the year also want to appraise the functionality of the HMO arrangement and the life and disability assurance policy in place. Were these arrangements really beneficial to the people for whom the idea was conceived? How many were able to successfully access the benefits of the HMO? Do they get quality treatment as and when required? Were the preferred insurance company swiftly responsive for any claim having to do with death or disability in the course of the year?

Or maybe you belong to the class of haulage firms that believe stuffs like these are unnecessary luxuries for your priced asset? If you are, then look no further for the reasons behind the several ills plaguing your business such as shortages, pilfering, underhand deals, recurring damages to trucks and repeated stripping of critical parts of your trucks throughout the year. Your drivers and other staffs are probably helping themselves to what was wrongfully denied them! Salary upgrades, no matter how small, is also something that the organisation may consider at this point in time.

If the HR has done its job by drawing up a training calendar for all categories of staff for the incoming year, then kudos! Otherwise, it’s something that has to be demanded straightaway. The next level logistics we have been consistently advocating on this platform is only possible to the effect that the system boasts of well qualified and capable personnel. Aside from competences picked up on the job, systematic training is required for every staff to enable them smoothly upgrade to a higher standard and also explore and learn about work ethics or fleet management practices that are probably working better elsewhere in another company or clime.



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