Something of a magical transformation is taking place right now at Ojodu-Berger on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. The transformation is so drastic, comprehensive and total that there is a heavy chance that you might just miss your way at your next visit!

In one fell swoop, the Ambode Government has outlawed the traffic bedlam and the chaotic human movement in the area with the provision of a labyrinth of pedestrian bridge together with a fly-over, series of laybys, expansion of the road leading to the channel under the bridge and the construction of the road from Omole (Phase II) and Olowora. All these have completely changed the topography of the area.

The footbridge itself is a marvel to behold and probably qualifies as one of the first of its type in Nigeria. It has a number of openings and access points that guide the pedestrian into the haven of safety above the relentless traffic below. The construction has almost obliterated the danger commuter face as they arrive from the long trip from the hinterland of Nigeria, since that is the major point of disembarkation of road travellers.

The expansion projects also include the construction of about 700 meters slip road through which traffic outward Lagos-Ibadan Expressway can connect Omole Phase Two, Magodo Phase One and Olowoora. The road, which was designed with drainage channels, sidewalks and street light, is about 6 meters wide and can conveniently accommodate two vehicles at a time.

Apart from the Pedestrian Bridge which has been completed, there are also expanded lay-bys and reservation areas at both sides of the Berger Bus Stop to facilitate easy pulling off of commercial and private vehicles from the main expressway, while massive road improvement, construction of lay-by and reservation projects are equally on-going under the bridge.

In the past, the area provided perfect material for a discourse on a classical notion of commotion. Now it presents a perfect stuff for discourse on order and sanity.
 Observers say when completed, these projects would save lives lost in accidents that occur when pedestrians cross the expressway.

The project is part of a larger Lagos Urbanisation Project which is aimed at easing transportation challenges and creating better living environments for the people.

If you have not paid a visit to that area in a long time, now is probably the best time to do that. Why? To get familiar with the changes that are taking placing so that you can easily blend into the completely reconfigured topography that awaits all anytime from now!

Meanwhile, to mitigate the surprise that awaits you, we present images of the on-going transformation below:



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