Nnewi Nightmare

Being a truck driver is a way of life. There are all sorts of things that just come with the job. Due to the nature of the job, truck drivers will encounter some pretty far out situations from time to time. It could be a result of their cargo. It could be a result of their location, or it could be a combination of them both and it could even be a result of the truck itself.

Beginning from today, we will be bringing to you unbelievable but true truckers’ stories.


No one wants to be any part of an accident. This is especially true for anyone that drives a big rig for a living. Being in an accident is not only dangerous; it is very expensive! Without a truck to drive, there is no work.

It was a two lane highway along Nnewi road (Anambra State, Nigeria) and an old model Volvo 144 was coming towards a big rig carrying a 40ton dead weight cargo. The driver of the Volvo had fallen asleep at the wheel! The Volvo inched into the lane of the oncoming truck. The truck driver knew what was about to happen and did everything he could to avoid the car that was by now squarely facing the truck.

The experienced truck driver swerved the truck to the right shoulder space careful enough not to trump off the road into the ditch below; but the Volvo plowed into the left-side back tractor-wheel of the truck and flipped into the ditch on its side of the road.

The passenger of the Volvo blacked out and regained consciousness 3 days after in the hospital. The Volvo was a write-off!  The truck and truck driver stayed 4days in police ‘detention’ while an agreement was struck to offset the Volvo driver’s medical bill and pay him some amount in compassionate compensation for the loss of the car.

Do you think that the truck driver ought to have reacted differently? If yes, how? Do you agree with the steps taken by the haulage company to finally resolve the situation? If your haulage  company had been involved in this accident, would you have acted differently? Please let us have your feedback.



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