Preventive maintenance checklist for Trucks (Part One)

Prevention is better than cure….so says a popular idiom! This idiom couldn’t be truer in the context of the haulage services industry. Cure or Corrective Maintenance, as in the case of waiting for the disaster to hit and then seeking for palliative measures can be very costly, destabilizing, frustrating, time consuming and energy-sapping. Prevention obviously seems to be a better […]

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Enhancing the Performance of your Haulage Business (Part One)

Generally speaking, Performance in any business is measured in terms of the relationship that exists between the resources deployed towards the sustenance of that business or enterprise and the end-result as measured by the output or value of product/service thereby generated. Haulage business in Nigeria in the last 5years has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of the quantum of fresh […]

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Prevention maintenance checklist for Trucks (Part Two)

EXTERNAL PHYSICAL INSPECTION   Front sheet metal, paint and bumper – Inspect for appearance/accident. Front lights and directional signals – Inspect. Left front tyre – Inspect for cuts or unusual wear, torque wheel nuts. Left-hand side of cab – Inspect for appearance and condition. Left-side door hinges and latch – Lubricate, adjust if necessary. Window regulators and vents – Test […]

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Strategic Fuel Management (Part Two)

RESPONSIBLE DRIVING CULTURE In addition to tweaking the fundamental requirements of a haulage business in the area of fleet selection and matching within moderately permissible level, the next best strategy will be to modify the drivers’ behavior towards a more sustainable fuel-efficient eco-sensitive culture. This must be a top priority. The way employees drive their vehicles can either increase or […]

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A Critical Assessment of Replacement Policy and its Relevance in Haulage Business (Part One)

Old trucks for New

In haulage business, Replacement Policy is one of the most critical aspects of fleet management which should be of considerable interest to business owners. Nearly every other cost, both fixed and variable, hinges upon when vehicles are replaced. Maintenance and repair expense, fuel efficiency, and of course, depreciation are all sensitive to replacement policy.   REPLACEMENT POLICY DEFINED: ITS RELEVANCE […]

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Enhancing the Performance of your Haulage Business (Concluding Part)

Fleet Synergy

SKILLED AND HIGHLY EFFICIENT WORKFORCE The employees of all businesses not excluding those operating in the haulage services industry play vital and indisputable important roles in the delivery of the goals and ideals of the business. They constitute the main asset and therefore investing in creating capacity through appropriate training and skill development programmes which will facilitate an improvement in […]

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