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A renowned author in the field of Business Management, Peter Drucker, once said that quality in a service or product is not what you put into it but what customers get out of it. Experience has also thought many that the cheapest and the best advertisement you can get anywhere in the world is a ‘Pleased or Satisfied Customer’.

These couldn’t be truer especially now that consumers have become very finicky in today’s online game of search and comparison. More than ever before, it’s quite easy now for customers to bail on loyalty and test out your competitors.

In the 2014 American Express customer service survey, 37% of respondents said that after just one bad experience they will switch to a competitor. Another 58% said they will go through two to three negative incidents at most before switching.

As a business owner or fleet manager, it’s clear that customer service must stand as one of your top priorities.

Customer service usually involves multiple touch points. For example, contact with customers could include providing an update on when a delivery or service is expected to arrive. With multiple touch points for just one transaction, you have multiple opportunities to safeguard customer satisfaction. This is important when, according to the same American Express survey, 60% of Americans cited walking away from an intended transaction because of poor service.

The potential for one bad experience to hurt your business doesn’t end there. According to this same study, 95% of customers will discuss a bad customer service experience with friends or family while only 46% will discuss a good one.

With word-of-mouth marketing, social media, review sites and shrinking patience from consumers, delivering great customer service can give you a competitive advantage in sustaining or growing your business.

When you operate a fleet, vehicles and drivers are extensions of your business. A vehicle breakdown, for example, could equate to a late arrival for a service call, a lost customer and even reputation damage if that customer shares their experience.

Fleet management solutions can help eliminate time-wasting tasks surrounding your fleet so you can focus on the bottom line for delivering better customer service. Below are five ways a fleet management solution can help improve customer service and strengthen your business.



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