Diesel & Trucking

How many rotors and nozzles did you lose and had to replace during the year? How many times did you have your fuel injector pump serviced or outrightly replaced? Did you lose any turbo charger or a number of them during the year? Affirmative answer to any of the above is a sure signal to take a second look at your fuel quality and the integrity of the supply sources.

Equipping your fleet maintenance unit with appropriate toolkit for assessing fuel quality may be your next immediate expenditure if it’s not in place already. If you maintain a fuel dump, there may either be a need to check the integrity of your storage facility or reassess your choice of preferred supplier.

If your client fuels your trucks, you may need to raise necessary alarm to attract appropriate attention to fuel quality; although chances are that you may be given the option of managing your fuelling need yourself. We did a comprehensive series on Fuel recently that you may want to read up: FuelAge; Fuel Management; Fuel Economy and Smart Trucking; Diesel Contamination & Rice & Beans Phenomenon.



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