Fleet 3rd party claim officer

A number of logistics firms aside operating their own fleet of truck/trailer assets also manage a pool of assets belonging to 3rd party transport companies either to complement its outbound operations or enhance delivery of inward logistics.

The third party claims officer is that officer charged with the responsibility of ensuring that a healthy financial, and by extension operational, relationship exist between the company and its pool of third party freight partners.



– A fleet third party claims officer would normally be expected to possess a diploma or degree in either a numerate discipline or transport/logistics related programme

– The officer must have basic book-keeping knowledge and must be at home with working with numbers and computations

– Basic knowledge or readiness to learn the fleet management/accounting system peculiar to the company

– Well organised and able to work under intense pressure from drivers seeking to file in or process PODs and 3rd party companies seeking clarification on pending or unprocessed claims



– To develop and establish modalities for regular update of 3rd Party Transporters Contacts

– Establish a line of constant communication with 3rd party transporters with respect to job orders and performance

– Ensure smooth relationship between 3rd party transporters

– To create accurate Claims Management System and Records

– Scheduling, submission and prompt negotiation of submitted invoices for third party transactions in line with agreed contractual modalities

– Reconciliation of claims with respect to job orders and performance of same

– Preparation of schedule for fuel ration back-charging against 3rd Party Transporters account

– Reconciliation of any observed discrepancy in the records of fuel apportioned and job orders performed by transporters

– Communication of job schedule, with particular emphasis on timing of loading, number of required trucks, estimated volume, delivery destinations etc. to third party transporters

– Monitoring, tracking and evaluation of 3rd party transporters’ performance and submission of reports to supervising officer

– Escalation of 3rd Party’s performance with respect to breaches or violation of terms of engagement

– In-transit monitoring of 3rd party transporters’ delivery operations



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