History was made when Freightliner unveiled its impressively futuristic Super Truck prototype vehicle at the Mid-America Trucking Show capping a five-year development process in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and other leading industry manufacturers and suppliers.

That was about 24 months ago in 2015. Meanwhile, there is no likelihood that this exact truck would ever go into production….at least not anytime soon. Not even with the much more expensive Super Truck 2 Project that the DOE is set to embark upon with an initial budget of $80million!

On Super Truck 1 Project, Daimler Trucks North America noted that Freightliner received the largest industry grant from the U.S. government. That sum, of $40 million was matched by Daimler and used to develop the highly sophisticated and sleek vehicle.

The features listed by Freightliner are quite impressive. They include a 115 percent boost in vehicle freight efficiency, compared to conventional tractors on the market today.

Other enhancements include a 50.2 percent increase in engine brake, a 54 percent reduction in overall aerodynamic drag and — most impressive of all — sustained 12.2 miles per gallon logged at 65 miles per hour on a stretch of I-35 between San Antonio and Dallas, Texas.

See images of the super Truck below:


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